Friday, September 5, 2008


Hello friends, It's me...Yvette ...

Are you still there? Have you been waiting for me? I think I'm ready to get back to posting, I know I promised.

Things to do:
Download phots from my camera (Anne took some shots of me with my TRUCK)
Change my driver's license.
(I have to take a written test!)
Get new tags for my car.
Get new magnets for my car.
Register to vote!
Change my address for journals.
Figure out the online banking for my new bank.
Change the message greeting on my cell phone (still says Kindermusik of Holland).
Get business cards.
Unpack more boxes.
Find my tea kettle.
Write Thank You letters.....(I couldn't have done it without the help...the generous, generous help).
Go to the local farmers markets.
Make salsa.
Find a coffee shop as good as Lemonjello's.
Go to the local La Leche League meeting (that's the 4th Saturday).
Make new friends.

Miss you....miss you all,

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Kathi said...

So glad to "see" you here again!! Miss you very much. Jack just started Kindermusik again this week with Miss Ruthie. He was hesitant to go at 1st b/c you weren't going to be his teacher, but now he's glad he went. He wants to send you a note, so look forward to more wall art from Jack! :)