Saturday, September 13, 2008

The view from here....

Put your eye to the viewfinder. Here is the picture: (I regret I didn't have my camera) The trail reminds me a little of the Saugatuck Dunes State Park trails except maybe there's more rise to the slope and more undergrowth, more vines. It's pretty humid. There's 20 hikers gathered, like every Friday year round, with the "Let's Take a Hike" group out of Asheville. Their T-shirt motto is "Quit whining. Keep Climbing!" They count off so that when they come to the end they can account for everyone. Looking around at the circle I think how they seem pretty serious with their ski poles and packs. I'd say most in the group are in their 60's give or take. My mom has invited me to tag along. She's 81. As we begin the ascent she warns me "I might not make good conversation when I'm out of breath". It's a bit more humid than normal she says, it has stormed recently and there's lots of interesting mushrooms on the trail. As the trail begins to intensify I notice a couple folks pull to the side to catch their breath, I'm panting and red in the face but I don't want to lag behind Mom! My conversation lags! When we get to the top the view is splendid..... the valley and the highway below, green-green-green the whole earth is lush....In a couple weeks the tourists will be here looking for color.

There is color in my mom's face but mine is really red! A group member comments to me "Isn't she great!! " pointing to Mom.

This is what I came to see.

I should mention that whenever she introduces me to anyone she does not overlook the chance to tell them about Kindermusik and all the benefits of the case anyone's grandchildren should be young enough for my classes!

Sorry I forgot my camera.

My legs are sore.

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